Choosing a Design, Space, and Location for Your Restaurant

Restaurant InteriorWhen designing your new restaurant, whether you constructed a new building from the ground up or leased or bought an existing building, you have to design the entire structure to tick a few check boxes:

  • Does it represent the kind of restaurant you are running?
  • Is the entire décor according to the theme?
  • Is it a comfortable place to dine in?
  • Can it stay protected from the elements for a long time?
  • Is the design worth the money?

Here are some suggestions on design for the exterior and interior of your business, to help you answer all of these questions.

Represent your restaurant with the design

Your restaurant’s success will depend on a few factors – the menu, pricing, hours of operation, service, location, building design, etc. – and each one should be representative of the kind of restaurant you are running. This is why your design should match the mood and the theme. For example, if you have a bar and grill overlooking the ocean, an open and airy design with some beach umbrellas and an open grill should be within your theme.

Make sure there’s enough parking

Potential customers may drive on to the next available restaurant if yours can only accommodate five cars on the parking lot. Five cars may not nearly be enough to fill your restaurant with diners if the dining area is spacious, so you are losing money simply because customers don’t have anywhere to park safely. So when you choose a spot for your business, make sure there is enough space for at least 20 vehicles in the parking area.

Your roofing system should be reliable

Not only should your roofing last for a long time with minimal maintenance, but it should also be the type that’s quiet even when it’s raining hard. It should also be the perfect roofing for your area’s weather. A commercial roofing company in Houston should be able to determine whether you need wood shakes, slate, asphalt-fiberglass, concrete, copper, or any other material that works according to your needs and matches the theme of your restaurant.

The lighting should be perfect

Part of what makes customers come back to a restaurant is the ambiance, and part of what makes for great ambiance is the lighting. If it’s fine dining and your niche market is mostly people out on a date, your lighting should not be harsh; it should be subdued enough without being too dark. You might consider cool and dim lamps over every table. If it’s a party atmosphere, the lighting should also be in line with that.

Most restaurant owners will say that what makes people visit them often is the good food, and it’s true – good food is always a restaurant’s major selling point. But don’t take location and building style for granted. Just like the food, it has everything to do with what your customers see and how it makes them feel as they enjoy your offerings.

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