Car Care Tips Every Owner Must Know

Car Services in South AucklandEngine breakdown is definitely every car owner’s nightmare. Don’t let this happen by regularly checking up on your vehicle. Here are a handful of tips that will keep your ride running for miles and miles away.

Spark Plug

A car’s spark plugs need to be replaced once your odometer hits the 30,000 miles. But, just to be sure, check your vehicle’s manual first to find out the best time for replacement.

Engine Oil

Once you notice that your car’s oil level drops or in its lowest, it only means one thing: change oil is due. Not having enough level of fluid on your engine may cause numerous problems, especially because oil is responsible for cooling down and lubricating the motors of your car.

Windshield Wipers

Wipers are not the type of one-size-fits-all. That’s why, before you buy a new one, be sure you know what you’re looking for. It is important to change your wipers from time-to-time to have a clear and unclouded view while you drive. It is advisable to change your wipers at least once every year or as soon as your existing wipers can no longer clean up your windshield.


Tires highly affect the performance, as well as the condition of your car. As compared to other parts, it is easy to determine whether you need new wheels or not. Once the tire tread is starting to wear out it’s an indication that you need to replace them real quick. Don’t push your luck on this one, because travelling with a set of wear out tires can turn your trip into a disaster.

Exterior and Interior

Inspect the surface of your ride, from inside to outside, car repair specialists from Breen Panelbeaters recommend. Simple scratches and scuffs can be easily removed with a smear of toothpaste, but for more serious damages, you may request for a dent repair service in South Auckland.

Carefully check the interior and exterior of your car to give a quick fix to simple issues.

Keep these car maintenance tips in mind and you’ll surely enjoy the comfort and performance of your car for a long time. Be sure to complete all the necessary services your vehicle needs to avoid the hassles of dealing with engine breakdowns, and other maintenance headaches.

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