Can We Travel Right Now and How Do We Go About It?

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The fact that countries are now reopening for tourism doesn’t mean you should pack your bags and go. Although traveling even for non-essential things such as tourism is now allowed generally, many governments still have restrictions that could hamper the way we travel. Forget about how traveling was before all these happened. It will never be the same again. The world as you know it might never appear the same in your eyes again. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop daydreaming about places or that you should stop yourself from planning to go there. Planning, however, will take on a whole new meaning now.

First, you have to make sure you’re financially secured to travel again. Talk to a dependable online financial coach. Is this a good time for you to travel? There’s a chance you might have to pay more because of the safety measures you have to follow, so how sure are you that this is something you can afford to do now? Are you in a stable position in your company? Is your company thriving during this time? Is it going to survive the pandemic? If everything points to yes, then start planning your travel carefully.

To say that tourism has forever changed is an understatement. Right now, the airline industry is still figuring out how to ensure physical distancing inside the plane. Should they leave the middle seats empty? But what about their revenue? Can the passengers shoulder the extra cost of those middle seats? Should they serve food and drinks? Or, is it better to let the passengers bring their own food?

Check Your Destination’s Restrictions

A lot of countries have started accepting tourists again, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be accepting tourists from all nations. Some nationalities are banned from entering Japan and EU countries because of the spike in their coronavirus cases. Almost all countries will require a health declaration form from you, as well as a negative swab test result. Some are asking visitors to quarantine first for 14 days. Can you imagine spending the first 14 days of your vacation in quarantine?

And still, in all of these countries, people are required to wear a mask. Even countries that have already succeeded against the virus are asking their citizens and visitors to wear a face mask. This is going to stay for the next couple of years at least. Many will never be comfortable without a mask on.

Book Before Leaving

If you used to travel without booking prior accommodation, that has to change now. Some hostels, apartments, and motels will not be allowed to operate because people are living in close quarters. Many countries have only first allowed villas and luxury hotels to operate for now because they can assure physical distancing in their premises. So, your backpacking days may be temporarily suspended for now. You’ll have to at least stay in a nice hotel or villa to make sure you won’t be bumping into people.

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Research Tourist Spots

Tourist spots such as the Grand Canal in Venice will not be accommodating as many tourists as it once did. Many of these tourist sites will require that you book in advance before visiting. You cannot make an impromptu visit to tourist sites for now. You have to make sure they are open to the public, too. How would you feel if you visited a place specifically for that site only to find out it’s closed to the public? Do your research diligently.

Get Checked

Many of these countries are going to require a certificate of good health from their visitors. You should get checked before you leave. That will also put your mind at ease that you aren’t traveling to another country while carrying the virus in your system. Surely, you don’t want to have to get treated in a foreign land. Not only is that a logistical nightmare, but it will put more stressful than necessary.

Call Your Insurer

You should get travel insurance before you leave. Travel insurance protects you from flight cancellations and delays. Some are also bundled with medical insurance, so you can seek medical attention even when you’re in another country. If you will travel during this time, the least you can do is make sure that you are protected by an insurance policy abroad.

It’s bad enough that Covid-19 hampered your summer plans, but the stress of worrying about yourself and your loved ones made it worse. Although countries re-opening up again, that isn’t a free pass for you to do anything you want. Be extra careful when traveling these days.

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