Bullying in Marriages: Should You Consider Divorce?

Divorce ImageBullying does not just exist in schools and workplaces. It can also happen in relationships and marriages. This usually occurs when one party uses coercion and humiliation to punish the other spouse. Bully spouses may establish their standards and do not like it when their partner cannot follow or live up to them.

When your spouse is a bully, it can be difficult to maintain a fulfilling relationship. Tactics in bullying can also have repercussions if nothing is done to stop it. It is also normal that you may consider divorce to end the bullying.

The Domineering Man

Albuquerque divorce lawyers note that men who try to dominate the marriage can be a bully in many ways. This is particularly the case if they deny freedom to their wives or try to control every aspect of their lives. Some men also criticize their spouses, telling them things that could make them feel small and worthless.

A Bully Wife

Wives, however, can be bullies too. They may use cynicism or emotional intimidation to put their spouses down. Some wives may also belittle their husbands in front of friends or even share their secrets to others. They may also manipulate their husband or abuse them verbally.

Causes for Bullying

Bullies in marriages are commonly those who feel inadequate and have self-confidence issues. They may say harsh things to their partners to make them feel good and superior. Some bullies are just heartless and narcissists, but there are also those who are victims of bullying in the workplace and then becomes the bully at home or in a relationship.

Verbal or Physical Abuse

Bullying in marriages can be all about words or verbal abuse, demanding their spouse to do this or act in a certain way. Sometimes, however, it can get physical. If you continue to live with a bully, you may experience anxiety, panic disorder, loneliness, and low self-esteem.

If you’re considering divorcing a bully spouse, get help from an experienced divorce attorney. Note that you need to speak up and defend yourself to stop feeling inferior and inadequate. You have the right to stop bullying and live the life you deserve.

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