Building and Designing a Contemporary House: What Elements are Required?

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Home design has evolved immensely over the years. From ornate structures to minimalist concepts, one could say that the possibilities for design are endless. Designers can even mix both vintage and contemporary elements, and the results are spectacular. With exceptional taste and reputable contractors, your dream home’s design will be one for the books. Accomplished new home builders and contractors in Townsville and other urban areas can make the house of your dreams a reality. While conceptualizing your home’s contemporary design, take note of the important elements that are needed to be seen; but first, what is contemporary, really?

Contemporary vs. Modern

You may find these words being used interchangeably. Their definitions do have similarities, but these two design concepts are quite different from each other. Modern is from a designated period, which is the early 20th to the mid-20th century. Contemporary, on the other hand, refers to the present-day trend. It evolves continuously, so what we see right now as contemporary may be entirely different after several decades.

Exterior Elements

Contemporary doesn’t always have to be minimalist unless that’s what you’re going for. In a typical contemporary design, the vibe should be welcoming and comfortable. Designers use textures and clean lines to achieve a simple look with subtle sophistication.

Strong, visible lines are apparent in every contemporary style home. Rectilinear and curvilinear forms are used along the outer structures. Bold color blocks, high ceilings and bare windows are essential design elements, as well as geometric shapes for wall decor. For roofing, cantilevers or large overhangs and flat rooflines blend harmoniously with nature.

The idea that “less is more” applies strongly to a contemporary home. Blank walls and empty spaces don’t necessarily need to be filled. For texture, it can be played using broken bricks, for example. To make it an accent piece that stands out more, it can be painted with colors in contrast to the neutral color scheme. You also have the option to blend them in by using the same neutral tones on them.

For the deck and other outdoor areas, the use of natural and organic materials provide a good texture and appeal for the entire exterior. Wood and natural stones are good options for flooring.

Indoor Elements

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The main colors in a contemporary home are black, white, and neutral tones. Brighter and bolder colors can be used as accents in a neutral color scheme. Bright-colored pieces will mix well with a neutral-colored wall for a backdrop; you can also do it the other way around.

When going over your lighting options, note that natural light is the most ideal type. Open spaces are used in contemporary homes, so while making the floor plan, identify the important areas where more natural light can be invited in. Be generous in providing spaces for glass windows, skylights,  solar tubes, glass walls, etc. As for artificial lighting, consider cove lights all around and spotlights directed at wall arts. For other light fixtures, choose ones with metallic elements.

Wood tiles are most preferred in every contemporary home. If real wood isn’t an option, wood-patterned vinyl or ceramic are good alternatives. The entire flooring should appear smooth and bare. For carpets, commercial grades are better, with plain or geometric-patterned designs.

The furniture should also appear more lightweight in a contemporary home. The design must be smooth and clean, more casual than heavily ornamented. Colors should still be on the neutral side, too, except for some accent pieces. Furniture pieces with exposed legs make them look more weightless and airy.

Electronic devices and controls are also made invisible in a contemporary home. Behind the walls are compartments where bulky appliances such as air conditioners are hidden from view because they can be unsightly.

Designing a home may seem simple, but it actually requires a lot of attention to detail that only experts can work on. With all the essential elements mentioned, acquiring all of them and then putting them all together seems tricky. To make your dream contemporary house come true, you should work with experienced designers who have your best interest at heart.

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