Being Spick and Span — The Most Underrated Secret to a Successful Business

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Some businesses in the service industry may have everything down pat ⁠— great service, awesome staff, and excellent prices. Still, they struggle to make a profit. Truth is, some of these restaurants or budget hotels could be scrimping on one thing that matters most, something so obvious but many business owners still take for granted.

Just how clean is your place of business? Are your ceilings free of cobwebs? Is your floor mopped to a shine? Are your carpets free of dust and dirt? These things do matter, especially if you are in the service industry where people go to your place to relax and unwind. 

Here are a few more reasons to hire professional janitorial services or commercial carpet cleaning companies⁠:

First impressions last

It only takeas one negative experience for a customer to lose interest in coming back to an establishment. No matter how delicious your food is, if your restaurant does not have a daily washroom cleaning schedule, your business is as good as gone. There should always be someone assigned to take care of the overall cleanliness of the place. Have your staff undergo training on proper cleaning procedures or hire a third-party team to handle all your janitorial needs. If you want your customers to come back, you need to have cleanliness standards and maintain them all the time.

People read reviews online

Online reviews are one of the first things a potential customer reads before deciding to go to a spa or restaurant or signing up for Airbnb accommodation. Make everything as pleasant as you can for your customers. This includes providing a relaxing atmosphere, playing the right music, delighting your customers with your service, and of course, keeping everything tidy and organized. Stained couches and dusty carpets do not go with the equation.

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Cleanliness gives a peek into your overall integrity as a business

Just as a messy home is reflective of a messy life, not putting weight or importance on something as basic as cleaning can give off a bad impression about your business. You may get associated with laziness, sloppiness, inability to keep things together, or just a general uncaring attitude. No customer would want to deal with a business that shows such traits.

Cleanliness helps lift the morale of your staff

It’s not only customers who get a lift out of seeing a sparkling clean establishment ⁠— your very own staff will also benefit from a neat and clean workspace. Your workers’ better physical and mental health and overall happier disposition can lead to better output and higher productivity.

Whether you are thinking about opening an establishment or already have one in operation, make sure you never put cleanliness at the bottom of your priority list. Regardless of whether you welcome customers in or not, rethink your cleaning policies and standards in your workplace or establishment. Equip your in-house cleaning staff with necessary training and tools. And if this isn’t viable, you can always turn to commercial cleaning or janitorial companies to keep your space spick and span all the time.

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