As COVID-19 Rages, Jewelry Is Never a Bad Investment

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These days, America is down and out. The superpower who policed the world with its unequaled military might is reeling. Its once-proud head is bowed down and its spirit broken. It may have been a beacon of democracy in the past. But today, America’s democracy is failing. With over 20.6 million jobs lost since the middle of March, the American economy is in the free-falling mode as the coronavirus advanced. In the process, the most powerful nation on Earth has become an object of pity.

In such a topsy-turvy economy, you may doubt the merits of buying jewelry. You could be thinking that putting food on the table should be top of the agenda. But take note that jewelry is never a bad investment, especially in a time like this. Not only does jewelry make you look good, but it also protects you from the uncertainties of the future. And like suitable investments, jewelry will repay you handsomely over time. That’s assuming you get a good one.

1. Its price goes up.

Unlike when you buy a car, the value of prized jewelry could go up. A brand new Ford Everest will depreciate the moment you take it out of the dealership office. And unless you are a mega-celebrity like the Rock Dwayne Johnson or part of the original Fab Four, the Beatles, your car won’t be considered memorabilia worth collecting.

But not only is jewelry easily convertible to cash, but it can also fetch a far higher price in the market. A concrete example is gold.

Investors use gold as some protection when the economy hits a downturn. To note, America’s love affair with gold started in California’s Gold Rush. When a fair amount of gold surfaced in 1848, it sent waves of frenzy from all corners of the globe. Ever since that time, the American paper currency has been backed by gold.

Thus, during the Great Depression, the value of gold rose from just $20.67 per ounce in 1929 to $35 per ounce year later. A little math, and you know you’re bound to earn more selling gold when the time is right.

That is even true for pre-owned luxury ladies watches. Be it a Patek Phillipe or an Omega; there is a good chance you can sell it higher when you need to. You have to do your due diligence and market things well.

As you may be aware by now, good jewelry can be pawned off. You can take it to a pawnshop and get good money right away. That way, you have added protection in times of need.

2. It looks good on you.

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Let’s face it. A piece of jewelry can be a head-turner. It’s one reason why celebrities have made a habit out of giving the most expensive engagement rings.

Of course, keeping the vow is another thing altogether. And though singer Marc Anthony gave a 5-carat blue diamond to stunning Jennifer Lopez, the two eventually split up after seven years.

So even if you’re not going to sell your precious jewelry, you can make everyone drool in envy wearing it. It’s a statement that is hard not to notice. By doing so, you’ve expanded your fashion ensemble.

Plus, you won’t have a hard time storing jewelry. It doesn’t matter if it’s earrings or necklaces. As you may have noticed, jewelry is portable and very light. So carrying them can be a walk in the park.

Compare that with collecting antique vases. You can only tell people about those vases, but you can’t bring them along with you.

3. It makes you feel good.

When you have a piece of exceptional jewelry as a gift from someone special, you feel loved. Every time you wear that jewelry or see it in your room, you are reminded of that person. Positive emotions take hold of you.

That is especially true for lovers. The jewelry is a strong confirmation of the love you have for one another. Wearing it in public is a strong statement of acceptance and belonging. And as you feel adored, your tendency to share positive vibes to everyone around you increases too.

In a way, jewelry can make you feel confident. Next time you feel grumpy, putting on fine jewelry may be the cure to get you going.

Some have taken the healing power of jewelry to heart. That is especially true for natural elements, gemstones, and metals. For one, gold is perceived to carry anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects. In this case, wearing pure gold can be a way for you to stay healthy.

Jewelry may have different meanings to different people. And yet, one thing’s certain. Time and again, it has been of great help to endure the most trying of times. Having one, therefore, during the pandemic is a blessing too good to possibly ignore.

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