Are You Keeping Tabs of Your Health?

Digital Health RecordsThe world of medicine has seen great medical and technological advances. Aside from saving lives, many developments have made it possible for simple tasks to be more accessible and convenient. Even records keeping has benefitted in this technological progress.

How Health Records Save Can Save Your Life

Medical records play an important role in keeping your health in check. For physicians to keep track of your physical wellbeing and past health history, saving your medical records is now possible through a number of ways like electronic health records training.

  • First is the electrical medical record (EMC), which digitally charts notes and information gathered by and for medical professionals in a particular office, clinic, or hospital and used for treatment and diagnosis. They are able to provide clinicians track data, check patients in need of preventive visits and health screenings, and monitor overall health care.
  • Another necessary health record is the electronic health record (EHR). This is also a digital record of information that allows streamlined sharing of updated and real-time information, which you can share with other clinicians. EHR allows medical professionals to access tools necessary for decision-making, making health records and critical data vital easily accessible for faster health care.
  • Lastly, there’s the personal health record (PHR), which holds the same data as EHR but are assembled, accessed, and overseen by patients themselves. Patients can gather medical records from their clinicians, home monitoring devices, and own personal records. This is to keep and manage health records in a secure and private manner.

Why Health Records Go Digital

Even though they are often interchangeable, there are significant and notable differences that make EHR more valuable. A great number of practices have adopted the use of EHR because they help in not only improving the quality of care given to the patient, but also allow patient participation. This likewise improves coordination of clinicians to raise efficiencies in health care and lower expenses. 

These are only some of the reasons many hospitals and facilities prefer electronic health records training. If you want to enhance your health care services further, why not do the same?

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