An Education Alternative for All

Charter School in Lake OswegoEducation is an integral part of a person’s development. Countless people understand that, which is why parents push their children to do well in school. Unfortunately, children can only do so much when it comes to academics. Part of a child’s education also lies in the school the children are learning in.

The Traditional Options

In terms of primary schooling, you have private schools and public schools. Private schools can be excellent in terms of academics, but access may be restricted due to high tuition fees. On the other hand, public schools can be lagging in academics, but access is easy due to waived tuition fees.

The Alternative Choice

A special type of school you may come to be interested in is a public charter school. You can find ones here in Salt Lake City. A charter school is a public school like City Academy. Thus, anyone can easily enroll in such a school. At the same time, a charter school is given space for innovation and experimentation when it comes to education, although the school is still accountable for student achievement.

The Evidence

Should you transfer your child or children to a charter school? There may be hard evidence to do so. Studies have shown that students in charter schools have considerably better academic progress than their counterparts in traditional public schools.

Quality Education

Charter schools also offer an alternative when it comes to your children’s education. In case you cannot afford private schools, you may have a chance to get your children a high-quality education without breaking the bank. Charter schools represent that opportunity of quality education for children of middle and low-income families.

Graduation and College Attendance

Lastly, RAND researchers have discovered that charter schools have long-term benefits beyond possibly higher test scores. In the locations that the researchers conducted their study, charter school students are more likely to graduate and to continue their education in college.

These are some of the facts you can consider when deciding if you will transfer your child or not. As a parent, you will always keep your child’s future in mind.

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