All About Hair Care: The Quest for Healthier, Shinier Hair 

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For most women, the quest for healthy, radiant and lustrous hair never stops. But several trips to the salon should not be your only option. You should also make a few adjustments to your lifestyle and daily beauty rituals. Having a routine is more than just using a hairbrush.

Whether you have dry, coloured, frisky or thinning hair, the following daily hair care habits should help you out.

Eat Healthy Food

As they always say, ‘you are what you eat’. An imbalance or unhealthy diet is one of the main causes of many hair problems, such as hair and scalp dryness. So, work on your meal plan.

Have a well-balanced diet and include protein or iron-rich foods. Vitamin D can also help rejuvenate your hair and scalp. A high dosage of Vitamin A, meanwhile, can lead to hair loss. In addition, try to minimise your consumption of food with high sugar.

Trim and Condition

For sure, you have heard this many times from your friends or hairstylists, but regular trimming and lathering on a moisturising conditioner are indeed some of the main keys for healthy, glowing hair. Aside from moisturising, conditioner can also help soothe the cuticle of your hair. It evens out the pH of your scalp, which is crucial for repairing any damage. This should minimise tangling, making your hair more manageable. Always condition your hair after shampooing.

On the other hand, regular trimming can promote healthy hair growth. Basically, your hair will start to split around two to three months. To avoid damage from these split ends, it is best to trim your hair every quarter.

Use a Hair Mask

Hair mask products can make a big difference to your hair. This is important, especially for those who have dry, frizzy or very long hair. If you intend to do it on your own, make sure to check the ingredients. It should be well formulated that can help hydrate and restore hair damage.

Some of the main oils used for hair masks include coconut oil, avocado oil and argan oil. These ingredients can replenish the hair and scalp and add shine, as well.

Apply Shea Butter

Shea butter works best for people with dry hair. This works by replenishing depleted oils in your hair and scalp and rehydrating them at the same time. Doing this regularly should bring back your natural hair glow. There are also products today that can help maintain coloured hair.

Be Careful With Wet Hair

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Be cautious with your wet hair. You may have noticed that hair fall usually happens when you shower. This is because the cuticle stretches out, which makes your hair a bit fragile or weak. Sometimes, it can splinter and cause deformities. This is also one of the reasons your hair feels rough and dry.

To prevent this, do not rub your hair after shower. Blot the hair instead, then detangle with a wide brush. There also after-shower hairsprays available to treat wet, tangled hair. Always blow dry on medium to cool setting. Also, never go to bed with wet hair.

Do not neglect these hair care steps if you want to improve your scalp and hair health. Focus on keeping your strands healthy for that glowing and lustrous hair.

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