ACT tutoring in London – taking the ACT outside of the US

Admin head having an orientation for the ACT

The ACT demonstrates the educational level of students who wish to enter US universities and is accepted by all 4-year universities. The ACT is one of the tests that people can choose to take in order to apply for university admission in the US. The other is the SAT. Potential students can take either according to their own abilities and preferences. General consensus is that neither is harder than the other and, for most students, their scores are comparable when they take both.

ACT tutoring in London

Some people choose to take advantage of ACT tutoring in London with organisations like A-List Education. Specific and guided tutoring can be particularly useful for international students who have grown up outside the US.

American students have typically been preparing for these exams for many years before taking them as the material is built into their educational schedule. International students often need to take the ACT test alongside their other school exams. ACT tutoring in London can help students to manage their workload and ensure that they take the necessary steps to meet the ACT deadlines.

Sitting the test

Preparation for the ACT can last from around 2-6 months, depending on the student. The longer they give themselves, the more relaxed and comprehensive the prep can be.

Students need to bring photo-id with them to their local test centre as well as a calculator and, if they wish, a standard timepiece (i.e. not a smart watch or a clock with an alarm). They are allowed around 3 hours for the test, unless they are taking the optional writing component, which then requires 4 hours.

Some tutoring services recommend that students aim to take the test 2-3 times. They may be able to take their highest score from each of the sections and combined them for a maximum total score across the test. This is an effective way to reduce pressure on any one day and calm the student nerves. Tests can be taken regularly throughout the year.

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