A Whole New Experience: Living in Papua New Guinea

Living in Papua New Guinea

 Living in Papua New GuineaNot a lot is known about the island of New Guinea. It’s not exactly the first thing that comes to mind when people talk tourism, yet it’s a part of the world that should attract real travellers who shun the structured tours that have become the norm.

Where else will you hear the term ‘elfin woodland’? It is not where The Lord of the Rings trilogy was filmed, but New Guinea is just as lovely and a lot more diverse.

Papua New Guinea

If the island is not, as of yet, a popular tourist spot, then Papua New Guinea isn’t one of your first choices when you consider places around the world where you can live or set up a business, either. But that should change soon, as many people are taking notice. PNG is growing as a destination. This place, which is about a tenth larger than California, is located on the eastern half of the entire island. And PNG real estate is booming. Moving here is like rediscovering the world when it was not as dry or as flat as Australia, and the forests have not been abused beyond recognition.

Flora and Fauna

The area is mountainous, and the higher you go, the more diverse the flora and fauna. The trees may be similar with what you’ll encounter in Southeast Asia, but the animals are very different. Cassowaries, marsupial cuscus, bowerbirds, alpine robins and kangaroos that climb instead of hop about in the plains are among the unique wildlife.

Visit or Live Here

PNG is a place worth considering if you’re tired of the same old megacities and suburbs. Something as close to nature should give you a different perspective, at least. Few tours would give you an itinerary, but that’s the beauty of the island — it’s never boring. See PNG, and think about living on this island paradise for the rest of your exciting life.

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