A Guide to Using Trailer Tents or Folding Campers

Trailer Tents

Trailer TentsWhen you go camping, you will not just have to bring a tent. You also have to bring some sleeping bag, coolers, sunscreen, first aid kit and many more. To make your trip more memorable, you may want to consider using a trailer tent.

Trailer tents are better than ordinary ones, as they can be packed neatly into a small trailer without any issue and can be transported anywhere attached to the back of the van or car. This type of tent is a combination of a caravan and a tent. When going to use one, though, be sure to have the necessary trailer accessories to make your adventure stress-free.

Here are some of the things you can enjoy if you’ll use a folding camper:

  • Increased storage on the move

When going on a long-haul road trip, trailer tents have spacious storage for your camping gear and accessories. Thus, you can have a comprehensive camping set up instead of just a simple one which you would probably carry in the boot or back of your car.  A trailer tent is a trailer that comes along with a tent. This tent can fit nicely in the bottom part of the trailer and you can use the top to carry a lot more accessories and equipment. You will still have the boot of the car and the roof rack for other extra storage you might wish to carry.

  • Very convenient

Since you go camping with much more than just a tent, trailer tents are a great option indeed. This will be akin to actually carrying a house along with you to the camp. Whenever and wherever you are ready to set up camp, you can unfold the tent and set it up atop the trailer itself. This is the reason they are also referred to as the folding campers. And unlike the camper van, your car is free to drive around even when the tent is set up in this manner.

Using the right trailer tent or a folding camper can make your camping trip unforgettable.

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