7 Sights We Would Love to See After This Pandemic

friends taking a picture

We’re surrounded by so much negativity the past few weeks. The world has upended and was brought to its knees by the novel coronavirus pandemic. Economies are volatile and are spiraling out of control.
People are retreating to their homes with no financial or job security. Folks are worried about their loved ones who need to go to work in the midst of the health crisis we’re in. Most of us are going to come out of this unfortunate episode with a better and more positive perspective in life looking forward to the things that matter.

7 Things We That Would be a Welcome Sight After This Pandemic

1. Family and friends

A lot of us are spending all this time in quarantine longing for the physical company of family and friends. We are all made for human interaction which we are deprived of during this lockdown season.
Imagine what reunions would be like once the lockdowns are lifted and this disease is defeated.

2. Busy streets and highways

One of the most hard-hit aspects of life is the economy and trade. With work suspended and companies shut down indefinitely, the streets have become empty making our cities ghost towns.

It would be really awesome to go back to normal with a vehicle transport carrier making its way to California on busy freeways or people in New York weaving in and out of traffic on their way to work and school.

3. Seniors walking around the neighborhood

One demographic that was the first to be directly affected by the rapid spread of COVID-19 are senior citizens. The WHO and health experts determined that senior citizens and those who have existing health problems are more susceptible to the disease, thus they were asked to stay at home and not step out.

It would be a nice view to wake up to seeing older folks taking their early morning walks or group exercises at the park again.

family picnic

4. Kids at play on the streets, parks, and playgrounds

There’s nothing more precious and carefree than hearing children’s laughter as they have a great time playing ball on the streets, go biking around the neighborhood, making their way through the playground, and running across the park.

5. Folks working together at keeping the neighborhood and surroundings clean

The streets are cleaner because there’s minimal movement. It would be a great thing if people worked to keep it that clean even when the quarantine has been lifted. People working together for a cleaner and healthier environment is a great way to start again.

6. Smiles on everyone’s faces as they go off to work or school

Given all this time spent at home, most folks will surely have a greater appreciation for school and work — for the sense of normalcy it brings, the social interaction we get from it, the ability to be productive and fruitful, and the growth it gives us as people. Hopefully, with this realization, we learn how to be grateful and excited for it no matter how routine it gets.

7. People that are more courteous and forgiving

If there’s one thing that this pandemic has taught us, it is to focus on things that matter the most. That being said, nothing is more important than people and the relationships we have with them.

No matter how different we are and how we disagreed with one another before, we should be more forgiving and gracious to others, choosing our battles and not nitpicking every small thing we see. It would be an awesome sight to see human beings being human once again.

A lot of us are looking forward to the day that we defeat this invisible enemy and appreciate and celebrate life in ways we never have before.

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