6 Ways to Protect Your Child from Mouth and Dental Injuries

Cases of Dental Injuries in Children in UtahMouth and dental injuries are common in children. Such injuries may involve a child’s lips, teeth, jaw, gums, tongue, palates, or tonsils. Early intervention is necessary to keep the problems from causing worse consequences, but prevention is the best option.

Here is how you can keep your child free from mouth and dental injuries.

Regular Dental Checkups

Your child is more likely to lead a happy life if his or her teeth and gums are healthy. Regular visits to the pediatric dentist help maintain and improve dental health.

Fix Protruding Teeth

If your kid has protruding teeth, visit a pediatric dentist immediately. Such teeth are more prone to injuries. The dentist will recommend the right treatment or care plan to avoid problems.

Place Your Baby in a Child Car Seat

A seat belt helps prevent or reduce mouth injuries during a car accident. Always put your child in a baby car seat to keep him or her safe throughout your journey.

Buy Your Child a Mouth Guard

Traumatic injuries to the mouth often occur in sports-related accidents. Dental health professionals from Children’s Crossing Pediatric Dentistry stresses that children should wear a mouth guard when participating in any sporting activities. Your pediatric dentist may recommend the most suitable mouth protector for your child. You can also buy a mouth guard from a store that sells athletic supplies.

Teach Your Child How to Wear and Care for Orthodontic Appliances Properly

If your child wears an orthodontic appliance, be sure to follow the orthodontist’s instructions regarding the proper ways to wear and care for that particular appliance. Also, teach your child to:

  • Wear a mouth protector during sports activities
  • Avoid hard, chewy, and crunchy foods
  • Avoid picking or pulling on the appliance
  • Store the orthodontic appliance in its case when not in use

Don’t Leave Your Child Unattended

Slips and falls are among the leading causes of mouth injuries. Never leave your child unattended to avoid accidents and prevent any types of injuries.

These are just some of the most effective ways to prevent mouth injuries and keep your child’s teeth and gums healthy. In case of emergency, take your little one to the nearest dental practice for a thorough examination. Early detection and treatment will reduce the risks of long-term dental problems.

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