4 Ways to Protect Yourself from the Sun’s Harmful UV Rays

Bikini hat woman applying sunscreen lotion on tanned legs

The rays of the sun can be quite harsh on your body. Because of this, it is important for you to make ways so that you are protected especially from the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays that the sun emits. The following tips will be able to help you minimise the adverse effects of the sun’s rays:

Apply BB cream

BB cream is usually unknown among people who are not particularly strict about their beauty regimen. But BB cream has UV protection properties. The great thing about Bali Body’s light coverage BB cream is that it also moisturises and can serve as a light foundation.

Use an umbrella

Well, duh. Umbrellas are often your first line of protection when you have to go to another destination when it is sweltering.

Limit exposure to sunlight

The worst of the UV rays are usually felt between the hours of 10 am to 4 pm. It is advisable to not go out during these hours unless you have done and brought enough protection. If you doubt whether the sun’s heat is tolerable or not, try to take the shadow test. How is this done? Just look at your shadow and see whether it is shorter or taller than you. If it is shorter, the rays are strong.

Wear sunglasses

It is not only the skin that gets affected by harmful UV rays. The eyes may be harmed as well. This is why it is a good decision for you to wear sunglasses when it is very hot outside. To maximise protection, go for the models that have UV-absorbent properties. These models usually can block out up to 99 percent of the harmful UV rays.

To protect yourself from the sun’s worst heat, you need to be smart about what you wear and apply to your face.

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