4 Types of Tube Bending That Everyone Should Know

Exhaust pipe

When you look at a well-fabricated pipe, you probably don’t imagine how it got there. But like all other products made in Baileigh, JMC Equipment noted that there’s more to bender tubing than meets the eye. In fact, there are several types of tube bending that you ought to know.

Press Bending

This is one of the most common types of tube bending, which involves pressing a bend die towards the pipe to try to shape it the same as the form of the bend. However, the product may not be as entirely accurate compared to other types of tube bending because of its lack of internal support.

Tube Benders and Hydraulic Pipe

Both hydraulic pipes and tube benders are specially designed for mechanical and automotive industries. The tools are constructed with industrial grade steel and are designed for roll cages, chassis, and handrails.

Roll Bending

Roll bending requires a machine that has three rollers. Also called a jig, these are used to bend both metal bars and sheet metal. The process works by putting the sheet metal towards the jig and the lowering and holding the central roller manually against the bar. The sheet metal then moves along the jig as the rollers rotate and the force is applied to the bar as the metal sheet moves simultaneously through the jig until it gets the shape that you want.

Mandrel Functions

A mandrel acts more like an aid to tube bending rather than a method itself. The outer wall of the tube tends to thin out as soon as the piece of tube is bent. To counter this effect, manufacturers use a mandrel to provide support to the tube and increase the chance of acquiring the shape that you want to have when bending.

Getting the right pieces of equipment for a metal fabrication project is important. That’s why it’s always best to work with a company that can provide you with the best automotive equipment you need.

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