4 Reasons Having an Office Space Can Help Your Startup Company

people working at the office

It’s true that many startups started online, with all its employees working remotely. If your objective is to expand operations, however, you need to start considering having a physical space. Not convinced yet? Read on to know more reasons your startup needs a real office:

It attracts more investors and clients

Like what David Beisel, a co-founder of a seed-stage venture capital firm, your office will be the face of your startup. With an impressive office space, both investors and clients alike will take you more seriously than those working in their home garage.

It attracts more talents

You want to attract the right kind of applicants — those who are truly keen in starting their careers in the startup industry rather than those who only choose to work for you because their priority is to travel. Nonetheless, it would still be nice if you can be more flexible by allowing them to telecommute once in a while.

It increases productivity

Being in the office puts your employees’ mindset in work mode. They don’t want to extend their time in the office, so they will be more productive. However, it’s also important to encourage productivity by creating an environment that’s work conducive. For instance, Online Office Furniture says that you could get your office a modern cubicle with ergonomic chairs and desks.

It helps create a company culture

Building a company culture with team members working in different places or within a makeshift office would be difficult, or even impossible. With a physical office, you can create an environment that will shape your company culture. You can hold programs and activities to inspire your team.

Instead of seeing another expense, treat an office space as an investment. Your workplace will be a huge contributor to your startup’s milestones. Let it be where all the bright ideas are born.

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