4 Linen Ideas to Spice Up Your Summer Party

Barbecue party during summer

Summer is always a great time to have a party. Perhaps it’s your birthday, your child’s christening, relatives visiting or maybe you just want to throw a party. Whether it’s at the beach, by your pool, or just a simple barbecue in your backyard, you can look for linen rentals in Minneapolis, MN that can help you with these four design ideas to make your summer party bubbly and colorful.

1. The Countryside Barbecue Cook Out

Sunday. Lunchtime. Cold beers. Ice tea. Pasta. Barbecue. Good music. Lay all these down on a red checkered linen on a picnic table in your backyard and you’ll have the perfect gathering for all the young adults in the family. Add a pool and your kids will enjoy it too.

2. A Sailor’s Summer Soirée

Intimate summer nights are perfect for the nautical party. Light up the outdoors with candles and design your backyard with shells of different sizes on a backdrop of jute rope and string lights. Your table linens should be in white and blue stripes, or plain white with blue borders so you can keep that elegant sailor summer night get-together.

3. The Boho Beach Party

The Boho style uses vintage and carefree materials. Use round mandala-print tablecloths, intricate designs in earth colors, or colorful patchwork for table runners. Lay bean bags and poufs around a candle-lit buffet for the perfect Boho beach party.

4. The Candygirl’s Birthday Bash

When we see the word candy, a splash of vibrant colors come to mind. Use striped linens in candy colors of bright orange, yellow, green, and blue and watch your birthday party turn into a rainbow.

You don’t need to have an occasion to have a party. You can just gather up some friends and enjoy the day together. No matter what your reason is, remember that parties are meant to build and strengthen bonds and relationships. Make sure you throw one your guests will remember for the rest of their lives.

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