3 Quick Steps to Reviving Your Worn Out Deck

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When you first bought your home, the backyard deck looked gorgeous and inviting. Over the years, it could be that the elements, your kids, and pets have taken a toll on the space and that there’s little left to remind you of its former glory. But there’s great news for you.

Most worn out decks in Rockport can be restored quite easily and affordably. Professionals at Kinsel Docks share four steps to reviving yours.

Make necessary repairs

Years of continuous use and exposure to the elements must have led to structural damage on your deck. Take out the toolbox and bring a few boards to do repairs. A screwdriver can help you inspect the deck for any structural damage. If the screwdriver sinks into a post, you’ve got rot and need to replace the post. Tighten loose bolts and fasteners and replace rusted ones. Redo the railing too if need be.

Clean the surface

Now that you’ve taken care of any structural issues that could have posed a safety threat, it’s time to get the surface clean in preparation for the next step. If you’ve been regularly cleaning the deck, then an ordinary deck cleaner will be more than enough for this step. Use a stiff-bristle brush, some elbow grease, and plenty of water for the job.

Apply the stain

This is the final step of the restoration process. Now that the deck is well repaired and sparkling clean, you need to apply a protective finish. A semitransparent stain is ideal for the deck as most of the wood is older. The benefit of using stain over paint is that it is absorbed by the wood and does not chip or peel.

Just because your deck appears aged and drab is no reason to rip it up and start over again. By following just a few steps, you can get it looking glam in no time at all.

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