3 Common Childhood Diseases in Australia

When it comes to diseases, two groups are the most susceptible: seniors and children. These individuals often have weak or compromised immune systems. It’s easy for viruses or bacteria to invade their bodies, and they don’t have enough tools to fight them. In the process, they are at high risk of developing complications.

Some diseases, though, are far more common among children than adults. In Australia, these include the following:

1. Chicken Pox

Although chicken pox can appear during adulthood, it almost always affects children because of an immature immune system.

Under the National Immunisation Program, children 18 months should receive a four-in-one vaccine. It will give protection against chicken pox as well as mumps, rubella, and measles.

2. Croup

It’s easy for parents to confuse croup with a cough, but the former is an inflammation affecting the trachea and the larynx. The cause can either be a bacteria or a virus, so the treatment plan is the not the same for all cases. Croup usually occurs in children as early as six months.

While there’s no vaccine for croup, some types of influenza, which may cause it, have one. The clinic can administer the first dose at six months.

3. Dental Problems

More than 50 per cent of the children in Australia have dental cavities. Although the baby teeth can fall out, cavities themselves can spread quickly. They can cause painful infections and lead to severe damages of the gums and poor growth of the permanent teeth.

You can already start seeing your dentist in Taree by the time the first teeth erupt. This way, the dentist can monitor the growth of the teeth closely and spot irritated gums.

As parents, it’s okay to feel frightened at your children’s health. Fortunately, solutions are available, and your kids will get better soon as long as you pay attention to their symptoms and get help fast.

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