2 Surprisingly Pleasant Benefits of Recycling Old and Worn OTR Tires

Old TiresA growing world population leads to an increase in industrial activities in construction and mining sectors. It leads to the production of gigantic earth moving machines and equipment to meet the growing demand.

Most of the machines run on supersized tires, commonly referred to as off-road tires (OTR). Disposing of such large tires at the end of their productive life remains a significant challenge for many construction companies. Rather than shipping them off to a landfill, Western Tire Recyclers says you can have OTR tires recycled.

It Creates a Safer Environment

With the production numbers of OTR tires reaching millions, they would quickly become an eyesore if they all ended up in landfills. Given that the vulcanized rubber decomposes over many years, the tires would pile up quickly. The carbon and steel component in the tires would rot and seep into the soil, poisoning the underground water bodies. The dumping sites would form a haven for pests and parasites, including rats, raccoons, and mosquitoes, that pose a serious health hazard. Recycling tires is a more effective method of disposal.

It Is Economical

There are millions of tires in use every day; recycling them is a multimillion-dollar industry. Other than retreading worn tires, you can recycle them to create engine oil. Using specialty equipment, the tires are heated at high degrees to produce superior quality oil.

The reclamation process makes a more affordable alternative to other oil producing processes. It leads to the availability of superior quality oil at a lower price. The process also recovers the carbon and steel component of the tires. The steel cables and belts make a ready supply of raw metal for the smelting industry. By tapping into this supply, manufacturing companies can lower their cost of production. As a result, they transfer the savings to you, the consumer.

Tire recycling extends over and beyond the need to conserve the environment by reducing pollution. It creates a million-dollar recycling industry that passes back the benefits to the consumer.

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