Person flossing teeth

Water Fluoridation Leads to Great Dental Health

September 11, 2018

Many people remain unaware of the many benefits that result from the water fluoridation programs in the country. Adding fluoride to water helps your teeth fight dental cavities and more. You should value your teeth. […]

a doctor in a laboratory

Three Things That You Need To Know About Clinical Trials

August 29, 2018

Clinical trials are investigations in which individuals enlist themselves to try and test a specific new medication, drugs, or sometimes even devices. Researchers would compare these participants to patients with a specific illness or condition. […]

Woman Having Her Teeth Checked

5 Popular Dental Treatments This Year

July 26, 2018

Thanks to modern technology and continuous efforts of dentists and orthodontists, dental treatments such as advanced cosmetic procedures today have undergone significant improvements. In Townsville, Australia, for example, cosmetic dentistry aims to restore not only the appearance but also the […]